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True Awakening is a not-for-profit corporation [501c(3)] formed to assist in African charitable work, primarily for children.
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Mission Trip - 2015 Notes

Each year True Awakening makes an annual trip to Malawi to inspect the schools that they work with feeding and other projects. This year in addition to feeding an average of 600 children a meal each and every day, that adds up to over 400,000 meals a year. We took on a project to supply uniforms to Msomba school which has 623 students. This was a major undertaking and involved dozens of people here in the U.S. in addition to many in Malawi. We raised over $6000 dollars to supply uniforms to these children, but we couldn't do it with out some one to purchase the material and make the uniforms, which was done by the clergy in Malawi and sisters and other volunteers. You can see in these pictures the work stations as the uniforms are being assembled and this other picture of uniforms be tried on by the students. When classes start in September each child will receive a new uniform.

We are never surprised that when one project ends all of a sudden there is a new need, this year it is shower facilities for the girls since this school has just started a boarding school for girls and there are not adequate bathing facilities for the girls, we are prayerfully searching for the $5000 that it will take to compete this project.

Travel is never easy in Malawi, sometimes we travel by car, sometimes by walking,and sometimes by boat to an Island 50 miles across Lake Malawi where we taught over 200 women about tools for spiritual growth.

 Travel By Boat

 Teaching Women for Spiritual Growth

 Area Tribal Elders greeting True Awakening at a school visit

True Awakening's main purpose is feeding children and we are always amazed at how well behaved they are as they wait patiently to receive their food. The gentleman with the stick controls when each child is to go and receive their food. As you can see there are no tables or chairs so the children eat outside on the ground, many do not not have spoons so they use their hands, the traditional way of eating in Malawi to eat their meal.

 Gathering Supplies For Meal

 Close Up Of Food Served

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Upcoming Trips

The next planned trip is Summer 2023. We are still determining the different projects that will be worked on, but the two feeding programs have to have an annual visit to assure they are on-going and that the reports we get are accurate. Four different projects under consideration.

 Uniform Assembly

 Uniform Distribution

 Classroom Instruction

 Shepherding The Children

 Serving The Children

 Children Eating Their Meal


I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. - Matthew 25:40
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